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There are NO Returns/Exchanges, Refunds on ANY of the LINGERIE items, as well as, ADULT TOYS; It will be STORE CREDIT ONLY WITH THE RETURN OF THE PURCHASED ITEM! STORE CREDIT will be given in full value of the purchased item(s).REFUNDS AND/OR RETURNS/EXCHANGES Will ONLY be for items purchased under KEKE'S SEXY BOUTIQUE, ACCESSORIES, JERSEY LINGERIE SETS(Jersey's ONLY, does not apply to bra panty for returns). For items that are returnable, the consumer is responsible for ALL Fees associated with the return of the purchase item( UNWORN). In order for a full refund and/ or exchange to take place, the purchased item(s) must be considered an "Acceptable Return". An "Acceptable Return" is an item(s) that was previously purchased by consumer and has returned to Keke's Sexy Tease & Accessories in the same and/or Acceptable, Unused, or Unworn condition as item(s) was guaranteed at point of sale. All return items are subjectable to inspection of item prior to the return being excepted as an "Acceptable Return". If item(s)has been determined to be "Rejected", the item is therefore only eligible for store credit in the amount of HALF the value of the original purchased item. If item has been determined an "Acceptable Return", the refund and/ or exchange order will be processed the same day as the "Acceptable Return" email is sent. If the exchanged item needs to be shipped to consumer the shipping cost of the exchanged item is covered by Keke's Sexy Tease & Accessories LLC.


In order to qualify for a refund, the refund request MUST be made within 20days of the original purchase date, and/or 14 days from when order was received . Same day purchases refund process starts the same day of purchase. Refunds Request submitted after 14-20days but before 30 days from original purchase date, are ONLY going be be processed at HALF of the purchased values. No refunds will be granted beyond 30 days of the original purchase date, ONLY HALF the value or the purchased item(s) IN STORE CREDIT  NO EXCEPTIONS. Refund request can be made directly thru the website on the "Request Refund/exchange" page, by email, or by phone (315)491-8920


Returns/exchanges can be made on the the purchase items that are qualifying return items. All returns are MUST BE classified as an "Acceptable Return" in order for the return to be processed. All return/exchange request must be submitted within 30days of the original purchase date. Any return/exchange request submitted after 30 but before 45 days from original purchase date will be given half the value of the purchased item(s) in STORE CREDIT...NO EXCEPTIONS. Any Return/Exchange or Refund request submitted or received beyond 45 days of original purchase date will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Refund & Return/Exchange Policy: Store Policies
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