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Things You Need to Know

ALL IN PERSON PARTIES ARE RESTRICTED TO THE SYRACUSE,NY AREA AND MUST BE WITHIN A MILE 5 RADIUS OF SYRACUSE CITY LMITS. I WILL ALLOW PARTIES 6 -30MILE RADIUS FOR AN ADDITONAL $15 TRANSPORTATION FEE. Parties THAT ARE OUTSIDE OF THE 30 MILE RADIUS REQUIREMENT, MUST BOOK A VIRTUAL SEXY TEASE PARTY. PACIFIC TIME ZONE VIRTUAL SEXY TEASE PLEASURE PARTY BOOKERS,DUE TO THE 3HR TIME DIFFERENCE THERE WILL BE A TIME RESTRICTION (NO PARTIES WILL BE ALLOWED PASSED 9PM PT/12MID EST. A Sexy Tease Party Will Be An Event Filled With : Electrifying Fantasies, Live Interactions with some of the our Most Popular Toys and other products, Fun, Lots Of Laughs, and Sexy Games. Each Party Will Include a Complimentary A Bottle of Wine As Well As 1 Sexy Tease Party Favor/Gift. To Book A Sexy Tease Pleasure Party Please Click On "Book" Below. If Have Any Questions or Need Additional Information Please Call Number or Email(address) Listed Below. 315-491-8920. You Can Also email me at Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions are in place and they go as : - In Person Pleasure Parties have a MAX of 25 party goers per Party. - All In Person Pleasure Parties will be subjected to Temperature Checks Before Entering Designated Party Area and will have to have 99.1 F or lower to be allowed in Party Area. - Masks Are Optional For Every Party Participant And Host(s). - Hand Sanitizer Will be Provided by Host and is Required For Any Party Attendee That Will be Interacting With the Products. - Due to the Location of the Party Being a " Consumer Chosen Destination", and Covid-19, There will be limits to the products that can be displayed during party as well as the amount of items that can be available for purchase. DISCLAIMER: if party attendee and/or Client has temperature 99.1 or higher, the party will be canceled for the protection of the party attendee's as well as the host. If Party is canceled due to ANY of the covid-19 restrictions listed above, party is eligible to be rescheduled within 30days of canceled party. Rescheduling of ALL(Miscellaneous)Canceled parties MUST be completed within 30 days of the canceled party or deposit forfeited. ALL IN PERSON PARTIES:

-Please Make Sure That The Location in which the party will be held at is in a Reasonably Clean and Clutter Free.

-Due to the Content of the products and materials of the party, there will be NO ONE ALLOWED INTO PARTY OR PARTY AREA UNDER THE AGE OF 18.(please have designated area for kids that is in a separate area then room party will take place at)

-Party Host Will Need ALL Party attendees uninterrupted attention as well as ENGAGMENT, INTERACTIONS, and PARTICIPATION, So we ask that you keep cell phone usage to a BARE MINIMUM, silence ALL notifications, and show respect and courtesy to the  host; so that EVERYONE feels comfortable enough to get the BEST experience and have as much Fun as possible (this rule applies to VIRTUAL SEXY TEASE PARTIES as well. ) Host Can cancel and/or terminate party immediately for refusal of ANY of the above Rules.



-Please Test Connection on Device that will be used for Virtual Sexy Tease Pleasure Party prior to party to make sure have compatible device and to avoid connection issues during party.

Party Booking Terms & Conditions: Store Policies
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